Photo: Benoit Derrier

UK’s Lily Allen Launches Foot-Oriented OnlyFans Page

British songstress Lily Allen has launched an OnlyFans site account selling exclusive photographs of her feet for £8 a month.

Several days after joking that she could “make a lot of money selling foot content,” according to the Mail Online, Allen set up the account, called Lily Allen FTSE500, and according to the outlet, the UK hitmaker has already posted six feet pics.

Taking to her Instagram, Lili announced her OnlyFans account with:

Referring to her Miss Me? podcast “She’s done it!” “What is this going to do to my algorithm?” “If you don’t listen to #missme podcast on @bbcsounds… this whole post is going to look very strange indeed,” added the singer.

During an episode of her podcast, the musician revealed that only recently had she learned that her feet were “highly rated” online, telling her co-host and friend Miquita Oliver “I have a lady who comes and does my nails and they informed me that I have five stars on WikiFeet, which is quite rare.” “But yes, my feet are rated quite highly on the internet.”

Adding that her nail technician thought she “could make a lot of money from selling foot content on OnlyFans,” the now 39-year-old then explained that WikiFeet is “a Wikipedia for famous people’s feet,”

Miquita then asked Lily, “Would you leave Miss Me? to just do foot content for OnlyFans?” to which Lily replied, “Yeah.”

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Author: Saul Goode

Photo: Benoit Derrier