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Trixie Mattel Is A Playboy Bunny In ‘White Rabbit’ Video: Look + Listen

In her video for “White Rabbit,” Trixie Mattel portrays Playboy bunny, a bandleader, and a fashion model.

Appearing on Mattel’sThe Pink and Blonde Albums double release, the colorful clip addresses the Alice in Wonderland song title metaphor to describe a flighty lover as the artist sings “Well, time keeps tickin’ and you’re thinkin’ you should run, rabbit, run.”

In the “White Rabbit” Mattel is the leader of a rock band and her backing musicians are dressed in white bunny suits. In another scene, she’s in classic Playboy bunny getup playing with live rabbits in a small enclosure. And finally, she turns the bunny idea into haute couture for a fierce runway look.

About the project, Trixie stated “It’s a song about being the person who was always looking at the exit in a relationship and planning for the worst,” “It can be kind of damaging and self-sabotaging.” And in an ironic twist, Mattel is joined on the track by singer-songwriter Michelle Branch, who found herself arrested for spousal abuse last week after a messy fight with her husband in Nashville.

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Author: Al Denté

Photo: dvsross