Photo: Drew de F Fawkes

Timberlake Debuts ‘Selfish’ At Memphis Gig: Look + Listen

Following a week-long teaser campaign for his brand new full length, on Friday (1.19,)  Justin Timberlake returned to the stage for a small hometown ‘One Night Only” Orpheum Theater gig in   Memphis, where the superstar singer debuted a new song called “Selfish.”

Not to be confused with “Selfish” by Timberlake’s former boy band group NSync, Justin’s solo ‘Selfish; is expected to be the first single from his forthcoming Everything I Thought It Was LP.

Following his performance, Justin formally announced the LP with a teaser trailer narrated by actor Benicio Del Toro in which Timberlake is standing back to the camera above a model of a gas station alone in the desert, with a painted sunset off in the distance. “What the fuck is he staring at?,” The music ian also shared a short snippet of the studio version of “Selfish” on his TikTok account:

Scheduled to appear on The Tonight Show on Thursday (1.25,) and his return to Saturday Night Live on 1.27, Timberlake’s last LP was Man of the Woods (2018) that followed The 20/20 Experience.(2013,) and FutureSex/LoveSounds in 2006.

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Author: Al Denté

Photo: Drew de F Fawkes