The Weeknd
Nicolas Padovani

The Weeknd Reveals Latest Transformation In ‘Save Your Tears’ Video: Watch

Things are coming together quickly in 2021 for The Weeknd and his fans as the Canadian artist reveals new facial prosthetics via his “Save Your Tears” clip as part of his After Hours video collection,

Released today (January 5th), the Grammy Award winner showcases his latest makeover during at a creepy masquerade show where every attendee is masked up. The Weeknd performs the year-old song while dancing throughout the stoic crowd – save for one woman who he forces to point a revolver at his head – after which he sprays champagne on the crowd.

The internationally renowned crooner adds to his string of facial reconstructions that started with his sliced-up facial makeup in the music video for his Billboard Hot 100 No. 1 hit “Blinding Lights.” The artist upped the ante when he got decapitated during the “In Your Eyes” video, and later, his head was reattached onto another man’s body in the even more gory “Too Late” clip.

A crowning moment in the XO/Republic artist’s Herculean career will be The Weeknd’s biggest performance to date during the Super Bowl LV halftime show on February 7th, 2021.

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Photo: Nicolas Padovani