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Photo: The Come Up Show

The Weeknd Returns With New Disco-Tinged Single: Watch + Listen

One of the more prolific singer/songwriters of his generation, The Weeknd changes direction with his latest single, “Take My Breath.”

Born Abel Tesfaye, the musician replaces his previous bandaged-face, red suit-look for a more Disco-fied theme, following the 2020 release of After Hours that spawned three Billboard Hot 100 number ones, including the monster hit “Blinding Lights.”

Following a perfectly judged rebuke to his shocking Grammys snub last year, the Republic Records artist confirmed that he will no longer submit his music to the Recording Academy.

With his Giorgio Moroder-esque, Disco banger “Take My Breath,” Tesfaye is writing a new music chapter, complete with a sleek, strobe-lit video of an underground club that resembles the Zion dance party scene in the 2003 sci-fi sequel The Matrix Reloaded. 

As the artist stalks through a dimly-lit corridors of a city underpass in orange-tinted sunglasses and a razor-sharp leather jacket and skinny tie, he finds himself drawn to a mysterious female figure, decked out in black leather and industrial silver jewelry, who offers him a puff from her oxygen tank. After taking to the dance floor, The Weeknd’s breath is taken away as she suffocates him and drags him back down the underpass.

In an interview with GQ Abel described his upcoming party-inspired record as “the album I’ve always wanted to make.”

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Author: Brad LeBeau

Photo: The Come Up Show