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The Prince Estate Releases New Single: Listen

Following the release of the posthumous album’s title tune in April, the Prince Estate just released “Born 2 Die”, the second single from the late artist’s forthcoming full length, “Welcome 2 America.”

The music great, who died prematurely in April 2016 of a fentanyl overdose, recorded “Born To Die” in 2010, less than a year after President Obama took office. A song that addressed the issues confronting the black community and the role he hoped to play in the social justice movement, Morris Hayes of The New Power Generation, Prince’s backing band, explained how the song came about.

“He was watching a YouTube video of his buddy Dr. Cornel West, and during one of his speeches, Dr. West stated, “Oh, right? Streaming is now available on all major platforms. Prince talks on individuals who are obsessed with smartphones, the status of education in the United States, and national taxation on the title tune.”

Following the completion of the Welcome 2 America LP, Prince embarked on a tour by the same name, performing in several venues around the United States, including the California Forum.

Designed by Grammy-nominated artist Mathieu Biton, Grammy-nominated creative director and Prince associate Trevor Guy, the deluxe gold leaf Welcome 2 America package contains the album on CD and Black Vinyl and fans can also download high-resolution digital copies along with complete footage of Prince performing at The Forum in April 2011. Prince’s online store offers two limited-edition versions: Gold Vinyl and Target’s Clear Vinyl including a 12×12-inch 32-page companion book and an embossed vellum envelope filled with Welcome 2 America materials, picture art prints, 23×36-inch posters, replica set-lists, tickets, VIP invites, and backstage passes.

The Welcome 2 America full length will be released as of July 30 and includes the following track listing:

“Welcome 2 America”

“Running game (son of slave master)”

“Bone to die”

“Thousand light years from here”

“Hot Summer”

“Stand Up and Be Strong”

“Check the record”

“Same page, different book”

“When She comes”

“1010 (Rin Tin Tin)”


“One Day We Will All Be Free”

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Author: Luke Traina

Photo: penner