Photo: Matthew Withers

The Chainsmokers ‘So Far So Good’ LP Gets Lofi Mix Treatment: Listen Now

The subtle sounds of rain on the roof, the scent of fresh-brewed java, and a warm hug are the senses stimulated by The Chainsmokers So Far So Good (lofi remixes) album collection.

On the lofi reissue, the super-successful duo replace the signature pop-meets-electronic vibe of their fourth studio album with a more muted / chill set of low-to-moderate tempo versions.

The concept for So Far So Good‘s lofi set was first addressed half way through the duo’s Alex Pall and Drew Taggart’s original album production process with The Chainsmokers stating “We did the first song ‘Something Different’ that day and knew we had to see this through. All 13 records. We had always been obsessed with the lush tones and simple complexity of lofi and just how relaxing the genre has been for us when we were stressed in our lives.”

Following a handful of deluxe additions made after the full length’s original May 13 release, So Far So Good (lofi remixes) The Chainsmokers define the lofi LP audience as “all the people grinding on midterms or coding all night to just need a break from whatever reality they’re in right now,”

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Author: Al Denté

Photo: Matthew Withers