Photo: thecomeupshow

The Chainsmokers + Bob Moses Drop ‘Why Can’t You Wait’: Look + Listen

The Chainsmokers‘ collection of So Far So Good (Deluxe) album collaborations presents “Why Can’t You Wait” with Bob Moses.

Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall‘s first full length in three years provided added color to the deluxe version of the album with their May 13 release of “The Fall” with Ship Wrek that developed initial rapport with listeners when it was originally titled “Emotions.”

The second of three new collabs featured on the expanded digital LP, “Why Can’t You Wait” features the contemplative vocals of Bob Moses. Offering Taggart a break from shouldering each of the albums lead vocals, Drew can still be heard at various points in “Why Can’t You Wait.”

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Author: Saul Goode

Photo: thecomeupshow