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T Bone Burnett Leaks New LP + Song: Look + Listen

Some twenty years since his last full length, T Bone Burnett sings “Waiting for You,” on the lead single for his upcoming LP, The Other Side.

Supported by an acoustic guitar and sighing sounds that remind the listener of a steel guitar and vocals by the featured-women of Lucius, the multi-Grammy award musician sings “Waiting for you so long, I’ve been waiting for you.” Scheduled for an April 19 release, Burnett’s single is full of yearning alongside a Spanish guitar, that sets the LP’s tone.

In addition to Lucius, the full length features cameos by guest artists Rosanne Cash, Weyes Blood, and Steven Soles, who was part of the Alpha Band with Burnett after they parted ways from Bob Dylan’s Rolling Thunder Revue.

After purchasing several new guitars that renewed his interest in songwriting, T Bone wrote all 12 songs on the LP, and in a statement about his new release Burnett said that many of the songs on the album are about “you.” “I was reading a news story that some shocking percentage of Number One hit songs had the word ‘you’ in the title.” “I view the purpose of art as creating conscience, so I was constantly appealing to people’s consciences, but I realized when a songwriter uses the word ‘you,’ he is, of course, in the world of conscience, but he’s also in the world of people’s dreams. And when you enter into people’s dreams, you have to be very careful with them.”

Burnett will perform the full album at three venues around Nashville in May, tickets for which go on sale Friday (3.01,) via Burnett’s website.

The Other Side track list:

1. “He Came Down”
2. “Come Back (When You Go Away)”
3. “(I’m Gonna Get Over This) Some Day” (with Rosanne Cash)
4. “Waiting for You” (with Lucius)
5. “The Pain of Love” (with Lucius)
6. “The Race Is Won” (with Lucius)
7. “Sometimes I Wonder” (with Weyes Blood)
8. “Hawaiian Blue Song” (with Steven Soles)
9. “The First Light of Day”
10. “Everything and Nothing”
11. “The Town That Time Forgot”
12. “Little Darling”

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Author: Saul Goode

Photo: Egghead06 (talk) Public Domain