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Springsteen Confirms Return To Broadway Plus Killers + Mellencamp Collaborations

Effective Saturday, June 26th, The Boss is remounting his blockbuster “Springsteen on Broadway” at the St. James Theatre.

Though Bruce Springsteen had intended to take the summer off before rejoining the E Street Band next year, during yesterday’s interview with Jim Rotolo of SiriusXM’s E Street Radio, the legendary rocker said an opportunity presented itself. “It provides me with something to do this summer that will keep me from lazing on the beach.” “I knew we’d be touring with the band the following year, so I said I’d take some time off.”

The Columbia Records artist was presented with the concept by Jon Landau, Springsteen’s manager, and Jordan Roth, owner of Broadway’s Jujamcyn Theaters. However, what cemented the deal, Bruce explained, was when a “friend” came over to his house and persuaded him to do it. “I have the script, which I haven’t read,” Springsteen said. “I haven’t practiced at all. However, the fact is that I did not practice it much the first time. My recall is that we performed a few dress rehearsals and one performance here at Monmouth (University). It’s not something you can do in the afternoon while standing and conversing with yourself. I’m not going to repeat those stories to myself, so there is an element of spontaneity.”

Springsteen’s intention is to offer the show exactly as it was when it first premiered in October 2017. The biographical, music-focused show expanded in length during its initial run at the Walter Kerr Theatre. he explained. “If anything, I’d like to tighten it up a little bit. I’d like to restore it to the state it was in when I first debuted it on Broadway, rather than the state it was in toward the end.”

In addition to the show Bruce has confirmed a forthcoming collaboration with Brandon Flowers and The Killers that’s set to be released “in a week or so” and just five hours later, The Killers confessed the collaboration is with Bruce, following his interview comments, tweeting: “Looks like the cat’s out of the bag. When The Boss decides it’s time to make an announcement, it’s time to make an announcement.”

As well as teaming up with the ‘Mr. Brightside’ stars, The Boss recently spent time with John Mellencamp working on new music, and the ‘Thunder Road’ hitmaker admits the pair have “become very close”. “I worked on three songs on John’s album and I spent some time in Indiana with him. I love John a lot. He’s a great songwriter and I have become very close and had a lot of fun with him. I sang a little bit on his record.”

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Author: Luke Traina

Photo: Laura