Sorosh Tavakoli

Spotify Launches ‘Loud & Clear’ Initiative To Increase Royalty Transparency

On the heels of SoundCloud‘s fan-powered royalties announcement, Spotify has launched Loud & Clear, a new website aimed at creating more transparency of the streaming economy.

The resource provides an in-depth look into the relationship between the streaming platform and artists, with a focus on payouts and how the data provided from the platform to creators can shape their success in tangential areas of their careers. Loud & Clear categorizes Spotify’s artists into eight different categories, including average royalties generated, average listeners, and how many artists rest within each 2020 category. Additionally, the site provides a look at revenue stream generation over the years, outlining income due global artists — across recording and publishing catalogs — throughout each of the past four years.

This recent Spotify move comes on the heels of listeners and industry professionals demanding transparency about how monies are distributed. Such public scrutiny has increased since the suspension of wide-spread live events, which have historically been the largest revenue source for most artists. Loud & Clear now offers a wide array of tools and resources for fans to learn more about the music industry.

Watch their video on “How the Money Flows”.

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Photo: Sorosh Tavakoli