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Sam Smith Confirms New Album ‘Gloria’

Sam Smith has revealed that their new album ‘Gloria’ will feature Ed Sheeran, Jessie Reyez, and Koffee.

The 30-year-old non-binary, superstar singer/songwriter took to Twitter to share details about their upcoming LP that contains the first single, ‘Unholy’, a collaboration with Kim Petras that made them the first non-binary and transgender artists to secure a #1 Billboard 100 chart position.

Reyez will be included on two of the albums songs; the duet ‘Perfect’, and ‘Gimme’ along with Koffee, while Sheeran collaborates on ‘Who We Love’. the final track of Sam’s fourth album scheduled for a January 27 2023 .

Confirming that it’s “still hard to be queer,” Sam told Zane Lowe on his Apple Music 1 radio show that “Everything is moving forward in a wonderful way. But there is realities that are quite hard to swallow when it comes to the stats of the countries, where it’s still illegal and it is hard. It’s still hard to be queer. There’s still backlash. I still get things said to me on the street, even now. The weirdest thing is you can be famous, you can be a pop star and you still get it.”

Sam found it strange “because I thought I’d become a pop star and I’d never get a bad word said to me ever again. I’d never have homophobia. I’d never experience it if I became a star. And then it happens and it’s still there. It’s still there.”

Sam added “It just takes bravery. It really does. And I think you’re made to be, you have to talk about your queerness immediately, I think, if you become one and you’re queer. You have to talk about it all. And I’ve stepped into that because I’ve now realized how powerful that is. Oh my god. And there’s kids out there that need this. They need us to talk about it.”

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Author: Al Denté

Photo: erintheredmc