Photo: Diario de Madrid

Rosalía Wields A Chainsaw In ‘Delirio De Grandeza’ Video: Look + Listen

In the nature-inspired music video for her new single “Delirio de Grandeza,” Latin sensation Rosalía runs freely in the forest with a hatchet and a chainsaw.

Released today (5.11) the Mitch Ryan-directed music visual see the Spanish singer exploring nature as she starts a fire by a tent, chops her own wood, and runs through the forest.

“The ambition, the delusion of grandeur/Made of me a martyred being,” she sings in Spanish in the chorus. “Because I was madly in love/Woman, I don’t deserve such lowness.”

This new video is distinct departure from her futuristic, dance-filled video approach to her past visuals from her prior Motomami album singles “Candy” and “Chicken Teriyaki” that feature the superstar singer surrounded by dancers in a city setting as she performed choreography. Instead, the “Delirio de Grandeza” video shows the singer prancing through creeks and running through the mud as she plays with a bow and arrow and poses with a fluffy dog.

Talking about her new release Rosalía stated “I thought it was a great idea to write a song about that, about fame, because I do want everything that surrounds me to impact my music, my sound. And then, let it be whatever God wants.” “I didn’t begin my career by making hits. If I have any, it’s thanks to the people who have shown their support. I think I’ll try to continue working like this, working on projects, making music I believe in. If I happen to have a big song, cool!”

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Author: Al Denté

Photo: Diario de Madrid