Photo: David Lee

Phoebe Bridgers Confirms Father’s Passing

According to a post she shared on Tuesday (1.03,) Phoebe Bridgers‘ father has passed away.

Alongside a throwback photo of the musician with pink hair, smiling in the presence of her dad, was the caption “rest in peace dad.”

During interviews throughout the years Bridgers has addressed the complex relationship with her father, including a 2019 interview with GQ, when the 28-year-old mentioned that her parent was a scenic carpenter who had a “drug thing.”

Phoebe’s fan-favorite track, “Kyoto,” from her sophomore LP Punisher, addresses her paternal relationship when she sings “You called me from a payphone / They still got pay phones / It cost a dollar a minute / To tell me you’re getting sober / And you wrote me a letter / But I don’t have to read it,” she sings in the opening verse, later crooning, “I don’t forgive you / But please don’t hold me to it / Born under Scorpio skies / I wanted to see the world / Through your eyes until it happened.”

And in a 2020 NPR interview with Sam Sanders for It’s Been A Minute the artist described their relationship as “a very weird combination of emotionally unavailable, but very present in a weird way.” She added that in adulthood, Phoebe has developed more sympathy for each of her parents. 

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Author: Al Denté

Photo: David Lee