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Olivia Rodrigo + Charli XCX Release ‘When Sucker Met Sour’ Photo

On Sunday (4.09), Olivia Rodrigo and Charli XCX crossed paths with the UK  pop artist posting a photo of herself hanging out with the US singer/songwriter along with the caption “When sucker met sour,” along with a candy, lollipop and bubble emojis.

Featuring Charli grinning and Olivia giving the camera the side eye while holding an X-shot toy dart gun as friends in the background pose and wink,. Rodrigo replied “LOVE YOU.”

Born Charlotte Emma Aitchison, XCX’s caption refers to the similarities between her and Rodrigo’s LP titles with Charli’s second studio album (2014) titled Sucker, and Rodrigo’s debut full length (2021) titled Sour.

The musical duo’s photo prompted fans to speculate whether a collaboration is in the not-too-distant future, as Rodrigo, during a 2021 appearance on BBC’s The One Show, mentioned that she’d love to work with Charli, stating:

“I’m really obsessed with Charli XCX and I think she’s an incredible songwriter, so it’d be really cool to write with her,” she said. After catching wind of the interview, Charli tweeted, “ummm taste 😉 @Olivia_Rodrigo congratulations on everything you’re accomplishing and hit me up any time.”

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Author: Al Denté

Photo: erintheredmc