Photo: Juju Fromigia

Noah Cyrus Drops ‘Set For Life’ Ballad: Listen

On her just-released ballad, ‘Set For Life,’ Noah Cyrus is asking for one more night.

Appearing on the new deluxe edition of her debut LPThe Hardest Part, the Nashville singer/songwriter expresses her desire while singing “If you want to hear I love you/Then I’ll tell you one more time.” “Want it to be simple/Don’t want it to be paradise/And I’m not asking for forever/Just give me one more night with you/And I’m set for life.”

In addition to her “Set for Life” ballad, The Hardest Part’s expanded release comes complete with alternate versions of her prior singles “I Burned LA Down” and “Noah (Stand Still)” featuring her father Billy Ray Cyrus. Noah also re-worked “Hardest Part” in Bluegrass rendition style, “Ready to Go” with a string arrangement, and an acoustic recording of “Unfinished.”

During a recent interview with Rolling Stone, Miley’s younger sister toyed with the idea of going full a capella on “I Burned LA Down” and cutting “Unfinished” back to just an acoustic guitar, said:

“It gave me so much structure in the time that I really needed structure, because I didn’t want to just be sitting around and stirring in my brain.” “It gave me hope.”

In a statement about The Hardest Part, Noah Cyrus shared: “These songs all mean so much to me—they’re straight from my heart, my brain, and my body. Every song is important to the story, and for the first time I’m revealing my complete and honest truth.”

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Author: Al Denté

Photo: Juju Fromigia