Photo: Bernard Gotfryd - Public Domain

New Beatles Song ‘Now And Then’ Coming 11.02

Come November 2, The Beatles will release ‘Now and Then’ their swan song single. some 50+ years after the Fab Four disbanded.

Originally penned by John Lennon in 1970, shortly after iconic quartet went their separate ways, the final version of the song was completed in 2022 by the band’s two surviving members, Ringo Starr and Paul McCartney.

Stating that artificial intelligence (AI) technology was used to “extricate” Lennon’s voice from a cassette tape demo, earlier this year, McCartney hinted at the new release that will also be included on newly remastered versions of The Beatles’ Red and Blue LPs, set to drop on November 10. The two volumes will also include such Beatles’ classics as ‘The Long and Winding Road’ and ‘Love Me Do.’

In the formal press release, Paul stated “There it was, John’s voice, crystal clear.” “It’s quite emotional. And we all play on it, it’s a genuine Beatles recording. In 2023 to still be working on Beatles music, and about to release a new song the public haven’t heard, I think it’s an exciting thing.” “It was the closest we’ll ever come to having him back in the room so it was very emotional for all of us,” Ringo added. “It was like John was there, you know. It’s far out.”

On Wednesday (11.01,) a short documentary, titled ‘Now And Then – The Last Beatles Song,’ will premiere and the music video for ‘Now and Then’ will follow on Friday (11.03.

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Author: Saul Goode

Photo: Bernard Gotfryd – Public Domain