Photo: Trish Cassling

Miranda Lambert Records ‘Y’all Means All’ For Queer Eye Season 6: Look + Listen

Texas native Miranda Lambert has recorded a new song, “Y’all Means All” for the new season of the Netflix self-improvement series Queer Eye.

Premiering today (12.31.21) the reality show sixth season takes the cast to Texas to continue their mission of encouragement and empowerment. a snippet of which can be heard in the show’s teaser.

While the Queer Eye quintet put on cowboy hats and learn about boot-scooting, Lambert’s song creates a space for everyone as she sings “If your life is like a tornado, all you need is a smoke and a rainbow,” before the “Yes queen.” “Goodwill, Gucci, where my Chattahoochies?” chorus.

Over the years Lambert has maintained vocal support of the LGBTQ+ community appearing at the 2019 Pride festival with her brother and his husband and releasing a 2021 dance remix of “Tequila Does” featuring her brother and a diverse cast of friends at a backyard pool party.

While Lambert’s Texas roots make her a shoe-in choice for the Queer Eye spot, several others in country music space promote messages of inclusion such as LGBTQ+ musician Chris Housman who employed the phrase “Y’all Means All” in his viral hit “Blueneck.”

The full length version of Miranda Lambert’s “Y’all Means All” is also available today.

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Author: Al Denté

Photo: Trish Cassling