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Megadeath Fires Bass Guitarist for Sexual Misconduct

Following allegations of sexual misconduct, Megadeth has parted ways with bassist David Ellefson.

“We’d like to let our fans know that David Ellefson is no longer a member of Megadeth, and we’ve officially parted ways with him. This is a serious decision for us. While we don’t know every detail of what happened, with an already strained relationship, what has already been revealed makes future collaboration impossible. We’re excited to see our fans on the road this summer, and we can’t wait to share our brand new music with the rest of the world.” wrote Megadeth co-founder and lead guitarist Dave Mustaine on the band’s Twitter account on Monday, “It’s almost completed.”

To be specific Ellefson was accused of grooming a minor through online messages and videos that were widely shared on social media. The band’s bassist denied the allegations via Instagram, which he has since made private, writing that the clips were “private, adult interactions that were taken out of context and manipulated to inflict maximum damage to my reputation, career, and family.” The videos were “released with ill intent by a third party who was not authorized to have them or share them,” he added. David shared a screenshot of a statement purportedly from the woman in the clips, in which she claimed she was not under the age of 18 at the time of the incident and that her account had been taken out of context. In her statement, the woman also stated that she “was always a consenting adult… It was all consensual in the end, and it was all done online.”

Two weeks ago Megadeth issued a statement on the situation saying, “We are aware of the recent statements regarding David Ellefson, and are closely monitoring developments. We are all familiar with one another when it comes to creativity and business. There are, however, clearly private aspects of David’s life that he has kept hidden. It is critical that all voices be heard clearly and respectfully as this situation develops. We eagerly await the revelation of the truth.”

Megadeth was co-founded by Ellefson and Mustaine in 1983 of which the bassist was a founding member until 2002, when he left and returned in 2010.

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Author: Luke Traina

Photo: Takkk