Photo: Stefan Brending

Machine Gun Kelly Welcomes New Kittens

A die-hard cat enthusiast, on Friday (1.06) Machine Gun Kelly took to Instagram to share a series of photos and videos of his furry friends.

Captioning his social media “New gang members: Tickets & Na’avi,” the superstar rocker showed off a curly furred kitten, and slightly older eye-catching feline interacting with his other cats, as they grow accustomed to their new surroundings.

After adding Whiskey to the cat pack in February of last year, MGK last shared a social media update that sparked PETA to call him and fiancée Megan Fox out for owning a designer pet. The animal rights group plastered posters all over West Hollywood, Calif., depicting a cat in a cage with the caption “Megan Fox & Machine Gun Kelly: Why do you hate me?”

In a press release about the posters, PETA celebrity relations manager Matt Kilbourne wrote in a letter to the couple: “Congratulations on the engagement of twin flames and two halves of the same soul. But really, didn’t even half of the soul consider homeless cats, who number in the tens of thousands at animal shelters in L.A., before purchasing a purebred one? In addition to having Whiskey neutered, if you decide to add to your family again, can we please ask that you get a friend for him at one of L.A.’s shelters so that you can help ease the overpopulation problem rather than exacerbate it?”

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Author: Al Denté

Photo: Stefan Brending