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Machine Gun Kelly Drops Single From ‘Taurus’ Film: Look + Listen

Born Colson Baker, Machine Gun Kelly just released the title track, ‘Taurus’, from his semi-autobiographical movie.

Joined by Naomi Wild (who plays Lena in the movie,) MGK portrays Cole, a troubled rock star in the film about “the darkness of fame, addiction, the artistic process and the music industry,” and his fiancée, ‘Transformers’ star Megan Fox, plays Mae.

As art often imitates life, Cole’s battle with substance abuse is what’s actually going on with Kelly who’s said in a recent interview:

“I was always asking God why I kept missing the bullet that is death.” “With all of the drugs that I would do, with all of the strangers who have nothing but their own selfish interests in mind when, you know, giving me things or encouraging a downfall mixed in with my own self-inflicted will to sabotage myself. So that was not necessarily — it wasn’t even a character [in ‘Taurus’]. That was just me getting a chance to actually be me.” “That [destructive] side of me is where I always felt more comfortable.” “I’d much rather watch someone [for whom that self-destruction] is second nature than to watch some actor pretend. There’s nothing more annoying than watching a thespian fake being a rock star. It’s the worst.”

Now 32, MGK added that hiding behind his character’s scraggly hair helped him show even more of himself, stating “When I finally got to hide behind [the hair], a lot more of my real self was able to show ‘cause I didn’t have to make eye contact with anybody.” “I just got to be insular and showcase what was really going on inside instead of succumbing to the pressure of what an entertainer is supposed to be.”

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Author: Saul Goode

Photo: Stefan Brending (2eight)