Photo: Joe Bielawa

Luke Bryan Slips On Stage

During his Vancouver, Canada concert, two-time CMA entertainer of the year winner Luke Bryan turned his fall into a viral moment.

Landing on his back, atop a fan’s cell phone that was thrown onstage, the country music superstar singer/songwriter slipped and fell during the Bryan’s Mind of a Country Boy Tour.

Making a swift recovery, the musician turned the accident into a humorous moment, asking the crowd, “Did anybody get that?” before handing the phone back to its owner and joking, “My lawyer will be calling.”

By holding a fellow concert goer’s phone (who’d recorded the fall,) and having the venue’s cameraperson zoom in on the video casting it on the big screens for all to see, Luke provided his audience with an instant replay of the mishap, adding “Hey, I need some viral. This is viral, all right? This is viral!’ “All right, here we go again. There I am, there we go … there it is!”

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Author: Saul Goode

Photo: Joe Bielawa