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Lizzo Is Marge Simpson For Halloween: Seeing Is Believing

Over the weekend Lizzo moved into Springfield with a killer Halloween costume that paid homage to the the cartoon town’s legendary matriarch: Marge Simpson.

Destined to be an all-time classic get-up, the superstar musician covered her entire body in yellow makeup and and donned Marge’s signature towering blue hair.

Posing as Marge, complete with red heels, a matching strand of pearls, and shimmery green dress, the world renowned rapper (born Melissa Viviane Jefferson) perfected a meme with the caption “I AM HIM — HIMMY NEUTRON — MARGE HIMPSON,”

Writing “The crossover episode y’all been waiting for,” Lizzo also posted a shot of Marge krumping and a clip honoring the Animation Domination line-up with female cartoon character mining to a recording of another famous Sunday night cartoon mom: Family Guy‘s Lois Griffin yelling “Peter!”

The flautist dug even deeper on Friday night when she recreated the signature look of rapper Blueface’s girlfriend, Chrisean Rock. Wearing jean shorts and a white shirt, with a tooth blacked out and rocking door knocker earrings and a throat tattoo, Lizzo mimed along to Rock’s song, “Vibe” in one video and recreated Chrisean’s famous “I don’t know who to slap” moment in another. 

According to TMZ, the last post sparked some backlash given the frequently contentious, sometimes violent relationship between Blueface and Rock, which includes Chrisean getting detained and arrested in August after she was accused of punching the rapper in their latest public brawl and Blueface allegedly fighting Rock’s father a month later. Rock, however, appeared to appreciate the homage, which she retweeted over the weekend.

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Author: Saul Goode

Photo: Tree Fort Music Fest – Peter_Lovera_Treefort2017-246