Photo: Andy Witchger

Lizzo Gives Ted Talk About Her Body + Black Culture: Watch + Listen

Atypical of the pop star’s normal concert melieu, Lizzo delivered a TED Talk about her behind, the black history of twerking and body positivity.

“Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to TED Twerk,” said the world famous rapper noting that the August 2021 TED Talk was the first time she’s been in front of an audience since March 2020. She then opened by discussing how “through the movement of twerking, I discovered my ass is my greatest asset.”

“I used to hate my ass, believe it or not. I have my father’s shape and my mother’s side, because it’s big and long. I used to think that only asses like J.Lo’s or Beyonce’s could be famous, I never thought that could happen to me. I always felt like my body type was never the right one or the desirable one growing up. I grew up in an era where having a big ass wasn’t mainstream. I felt like the ass odds were against me, but baby, this badonkadonkdonk is going places. My ass has been the topic of conversation, my ass has been in magazines, Rihanna gave my ass a standing ovation. Yes, my booty, my least favorite part of my body” said the Atlantic Records recording artist.

During her 13-minute TED Talk, Lizzo went into a detailed history of the Twerk dance, tracing it’s roots back to West African culture – where it was “a celebration of joy and religious worship” – up through hip-hop music and on to social media apps like TikTok, which now threaten the “erasure of blackness” from twerking.

“Black people carried the origins of this dance through our DNA, through our blood, through our bones. We made twerking the global cultural phenomenon it has become today,” said Lizzo. “Now, as a big black woman who has ass, who can twerk, who has been doing it her whole life, I kind of think I’m an expert on the subject. I want to add to the classical etymology of this dance because it matters. Black people will not be erased from the creation, the history, and the innovation to twerking.”

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Author: Al Denté

Photo: Andy Witchger