Photo: digboston, Andy Moran

Lizzo Drops ‘Bad Day’ Version Of ‘Barbie’ Track: Look + Listen

Seven days following the Barbie movie that superseded box office predictions, Lizzo released the “Bad Day” version of her “Pink” single.

Originally featured on the Mark Ronson-curated soundtrack, Lizzo’s initial version is the film’s opening song, yet the superstar artist’s darker mix rears its head amid Margot Robbie’s existential crisis in the film.

“Hey Barbie / Why so stressed? / Can it be those irrepressible thoughts of death?” Lizzo asks on the track with the artist (born Melissa Viviane Jefferson) forming a depressing acronym for “PINK”: “Panic,” “I’m scared,” “Nauseous” and “K = Death!”  

About the song, Robbie previously told Rolling Stone “Lizzo’s lyrics are just so funny and add an extra layer of comedy that I thought was quite genius.” “You’re hearing lyrics that are responding to what’s happening onscreen, so the music became more than just music — it became a device to enhance what the audience was watching and experiencing, and got to be the voice of the audience.”

FYI – the one-minute dark reprise wasn’t included on The Barbie Album and was otherwise unavailable before hitting streaming services Saturday (7.29.)

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Author: Saul Goode

Photo: digboston, Andy Moran