Photo: Adam Bielawski

Katy Perry’s Sexually Charged SNL Performance: Look + Listen

Katy Perry brought a taste of Play, her new Las Vegas residency to this weekend’s Saturday Night Live program.

The first song, the superstar singer/songwriter performed was “When I’m Gone,” her new, electro-charged dance/pop single co-written and produced by Swedish DJ, Alesso. But the focus was clearly on Perry’s backup dancers, jigging in line behind her dressed as giant phallic toadstools, occasionally flashing Alice in Wonderland-esque signs that read “Eat Me” on hand fans.

For her second number, the mother of one-year old Daisy Dove and wife of actor Orlando Bloom returned to the stage in a powder-blue skirt for a laid back rendition of her 2019 hit, “Never Really Over” that focused the attention on Perry’s powerhouse voice.

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Author: Saul Goode

Photo: Adam Bielawski