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Joe Bielawa

Justin Bieber’s ‘Hold On’ Is Here: Watch + Listen

The latest single from Justin Bieber‘s upcoming album, Justice, on Friday morning (March 5th) the Grammy winning writer/singer dropped “Hold On.”

The latest song’s lyrics paint a picture of a helpful Bieber, who offers himself up to someone in need: “You know you can call me if you need someone / I’ll pick up the pieces if you come undone.” While the words are uplifting the music video is of dark tone, with Justin turning to armed robbery in order to pay for his partner’s mounting medical bills.

“The song is just a hopeful record of just holding on, because a lot of us want to give up at times,” a self-proclaimed jet lagged Bieber said of the song in a live chat preceding the song’s premiere. “There’s a lot to look forward to. There’s a lot we can’t control sometimes, but there’s always hope.”

Listen to and watch Justin Bieber’s latest single in the form of “Hold On”.

Scheduled for a March 19th release, Bieber’s forthcoming Justice LP will feature “Hold On,” “Holy” – his collaboration with Chance the Rapper – alongside the Benny Blanco collaborations “Lonely” and “Anyone,” each of which has secured solid Billboard 100 Top 40 chart positions.

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Photo: Joe Bielawa