Photo: Kayla Johnson

Jhené Aiko Celebrates The Holiday With ‘Wrap Me Up’ Rework: Look + Listen

During these last days of the holiday season, Jhené Aiko has regifted her prior single “Wrap Me Up” with an updated release.

While the original song featuring James Fauntleroy was released in 2012 via SoundCloud, the 2021 version of “Wrap Me Up” takes a new production approach from Lejkeys, Aiko, and Fisticuffs complete with a new collection of strings and horns that envelop the R&B singer’s vocals.

Speaking with South Korean pop singer CL as part of Rolling Stone’s Musicians on Musicians series, Jhené stated: “I got into sound bowls in my teens. I got a few just because I liked how they sounded and I liked how they felt, to actually play them. Little by little, I started studying, ‘What is this doing for me?’ Because I felt a difference. I felt like it was helping me in some type of way.”

“Then I found these bowls made of different crystals and decided to start incorporating them in my music as I studied how they resonate with the different parts of your body. I’m like, ‘This is why I’m making music,’” she added. “It’s to help people get to that state of harmony within themselves. That peaceful state, that calm state, so no matter what you’re going through, you can navigate more calmly, you can be more mindful of how you’re living your life. We all need that.”

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Author: Al Denté

Photo: Kayla Johson