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Jean-Michel Jarre Plays NYE Set Inside Virtual Notre Dame Cathedral: Watch

Among the variety of virtually-accessible New Year’s Eve events, one stood apart from the rest as Jean-Michel Jarre performed inside a rendered Notre Dame set.

In partnership with Ville de Paris in support of UNESCO, the legendary French music pioneer teamed up with VR start-up VRrOOm to bring fans a 2020/2021 experience unlike any other. As the billing would suggest, the 72-year-old composer/performer played a live set that was subsequently queued up to a virtual version of himself, placed inside a recreated version of the 858-year-old cathedral. As he pressed a bevy of buttons and mixed tracks, Jarre’s avatar was surrounded by illuminated columns and flying blocks of light, creating an other-worldly experience.

With the goal of celebrating the New Year in a “futuristic and festive way” the live concert was framed as a one-off exclusive. The music came with a “message of hope for 2021 and for the end of the dark times we are all going through this year” and the result was theatrical and breathtaking.

Now that the set has made its way online, complete with a chat replay, fans can relive the performance with revelers from around the world.

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Photo: Lemonade2806