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Harry Styles Shaken Up By Stalker

Having been harassed by a woman who’s since been charged with causing him serious harm or distress, Harry Styles has been “left shaken” by the actions of his alleged stalker.

On Tuesday (1.23,) Myra Carvalho appeared in court after she “pursued a course of conduct – namely harassed – which amounted to stalking causing serious alarm or distress.” 

The charge added that the 35-year old defendant’s alleged actions had a “substantial adverse effect” on the superstar singer/songwriter’s “usual day-to-day activities” according to The Sun in Great Britain.

Following the appearance, Carvalho was remanded in custody and will next appear in court on February 20.

According to reports, Styles, now 29, was in North London following a holiday with his girlfriend Taylor Russell, when he was accosted by the woman. 

A source told The Sun “Harry was really shaken up.” “He had spent the start of the month in Anguilla with Taylor and James Corden and he’d had a great break. This happened not long after he had come back. Harry just wants to carry on as normal, but this has been concerning.”

Not the first time Harry has been stalked, in 2022, Diana Tarazaga-Orero, 29, forced her way into his home which caused the singer to upgrade his security, including employing a night guard and installing a panic lock on his bedroom door.

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Author: Saul Goode

Photo: erintheredmc