Grammy Award Winner John Mayer Set To Host Late Night Talk Show

Though no stranger to the microphone, John Mayer will be using his voice in a different setting in the not-too-distant future.

The seven-time Grammy winning singer-songwriter has been pitched to host a new show via Paramount Plus and is supposedly “nearing a deal” with the latest streaming service. Titled, “Later With John Mayer” the show will act as a spinoff of the hit British telecast “Later… With Jools Holland” featuring “performance segments as well as interviews with musicians, artists and other cultural figures in a setting designed to look like an after-hours club for musicians.”

Mayer, now 43, has demonstrated his innate hosting ability during his Instagram Live sessions, as well as on TikTok. A little known fact to many is that Mayer has already dipped his toe in the late show business when he was the interim host on the “Late Late Show” in between Craig Ferguson and James Corden back in 2015.

Though he’s teased bits and pieces of his new album on several social media channels, John Mayer has been relatively quiet in music space over the last year. His most recent album (The Search For Everything) was released in 2017 and was followed by the massive hit “New Light” in 2018. Often recognized as an extremely accomplished guitarist, Mayer has taken to TikTok and Instagram with free tutorials and mini-lessons for his followers.

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Photo : Christina