Photo: Allison

Fan Goes Into Labour At P!nk Concert

While P!nk was was performing during one of her Sydney, Australia shows, a member of the audience went into labour.

Stopping her show, the superstar singer/songwriter asked the crowd “Is it Alicia or Alex being born?” before joking, “I feel like we shouldn’t be looking. Everyone give her her privacy!”

The impromptu pause in the show followed P!nk singing her ballad, ‘Our Song’ after which the musician said “Wow, Our Song, that was the one that did it,” she laughed. “Wouldn’t have called that one! I thought it would’ve been Get The Party Started or Never Not Gonna Dance Again. Good luck! It’s gonna be great!” 

Once the new mother-to-be was escorted safely out of the arena, P!nk continued her show and brought out her 12-year old daughter, Willow, onstage to sing ‘Cover Me in Sunshine.’

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Author: Saul Goode

Photo: Allison