Elton John
Thomas Waleczka/Public Domain

Elton John Appears In PSA Encouraging The Public To Get COVID Vaccine

In a new video from the U.K.’s National Health Service, Sir Elton John and Sir Michael Caine have teamed up to encourage British citizens to get vaccinated for COVID-19.

“My name is Elton John,” the legendary singer says while smiling into the camera wearing a checkered jacket, red polo shirt and matching rose-colored glasses as a director encourages the legendary showman to make it a “little less” showbiz. Getting serious, Sir Elton states: “The more people in society that get vaccinated, the more chance there is of eradicating the national COVID pandemic…. It’s really important to know that the vaccines have all been through and met the necessary safety and quality standards.”

“I wanted to take part in this film to help show people the benefits of getting vaccinated and how it helps protect ourselves and the people we love,” John said in a statement. “So, I hope we can all come together and do our bit in the fight against this wretched disease.”

According to CNN, Britain has already vaccinated more than 12 million citizens with at least one dose and is asking people 70 and older who haven’t gotten one yet to make an appointment. An NHS executive told CNN that nine out of 10 people 75 and older have already gotten one shot and the campaign is intended to encourage others in high risk populations to follow suit.

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Photo: Thomas Waleczka/Public Domain