Photo: Sven Volkens

De La Soul Confirms YouTube Documentary

From June 7 through June 14, iconic hip-hop group De La Soul will debut their highly anticipated documentary, Chapter 3 on YouTube, as well as the band’s Facebook, Twitter and official website.

Chapter 3 follows the iconic rercording sessions leading up to the 2023 re-release and remaster of De La Soul’s catalog, one of the most storied music collections in hip-hop, marking the first time in almost thirty years that Posdnuos, Dave, Maseo, and producer Prince Paul returned to the same studio together. 

With a legacy to protect, Chapter 3 follows the journey of these four grown men along with the memories that helped them build their legendary reputation. The film provides an inside look at the quartet’s creative process, camaraderie, and passion that defined De La Soul’s enduring legacy.

Broadcasting daily in different time zones, fans can view the live stream presentation series as follows:

June 7 – Los Angeles, CA, USA – 3 PM
June 8 – Sydney, Australia – 3 PM
June 9 – Chicago, IL, USA – 3 PM
June 10 – London, UK – 3 PM
June 11 – Paris, France – 3 PM
June 12 – Seoul, South Korea – 3 PM
June 13 – São Paulo, Brazil – 3 PM
June 14 – New York, NY, USA – 3 PM

On June 14 at 3:30 PM est, the documentary live stream will redirect to the official music video premiere of “The Magic Number,” a riff on two dueling concepts that have long been part of the De La Soul brand: The Soul and artificial intelligence (AI). With their Artofficial Intelligence (AOI) albums, De La Soul proved to be ahead of their time, discussing the concept of AI and its impact on art. This video was created using generative art based AI to make uniquely timely. However, without the heart infused by the De La Soul members themselves, it’s missing the vital “Soul” element, revealing an important commentary on AI’s place in art.

This project began while Dave was still alive and transformed into something deeply poignant following his passing in February 2023. Pos and Maseo’s efforts to support the De La brand during this pivotal moment are a testament to their dedication and resilience. “The Magic Number” stands as a companion piece to the documentary, showcasing De La’s last time as a trio, which is sadly the last time all three members were together.  De La Soul’s documentary and music video are part of YouTube’s FIFTY DEEP Music Class of 2024, a multigenerational grants program that champions and provides support for Black artists, songwriters, and producers in the hip-hop space. The group’s ability to blend creativity with modern technology has been a hallmark of their career and earned them this esteemed recognition by YouTube. 

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Author: Saul Goode

Photo: Sven Volkens