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Charlie Puth + Sabrina Carpenter In Short Film: Look + Listen

On Wednesday (3.29) Charlie Puth dropped “That’s Not How This Works,” his new short film co-starring Sabrina Carpenter

The six-minute mini-movie follows a fictitious relationship between the two pop stars, from her presenting him with a beautiful birthday gift piano and watching him blow out the candles on his cake to lovingly painting their apartment together and playfully debating whether he can boil a live crab to make a romantic dinner.

Not all happy-go-lucky times, however, the romantic moments, like telling each other “I love you” or playing a candlelit game, eventually turn into fighting and screaming fits, as the relationship plays back in his mind, and a heartbroken Puth tries to capture the memories in sound. 

“That’s Not How This Works,” is from Puth’s his self-titled 2022 album Charlie, and he’ll tale to the road this summer for The Charlie Live Experience with openers Blue DeTiger and Alexander Stewart. 

In related news, Carpenter just released the deluxe edition of her own breakthrough 2022 LP, Emails I Can’t Send, which featured new bonus tracks “Feather,” “Lonesome” and “Things I Wish You Said” as well as a remix of her hit single “Nonsense” with Coi Leray.

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Author: Al Denté

Photo: JohannesEngvall