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Cabello Addresses Brief Tryst With Mendes

During the latest episode of the Call Her Daddy podcast with Alex Cooper, Camila Cabello addressed rumors concerning her revisiting her romance with former boyfriend Shawn Mendes.

In the interview, the shows host asked the superstar singer about about getting back together with an ex-lover, to wit she stated:

“I’m personally, I think it’s known, I’m a fan, I support it, I’ve supported it in the past.” “You can’t forbid things from me because I will want to do it more… sometimes you need to know that it’s not going to work and then you need to be over it and you need to be like, ‘I did it and (now) I know.'”

When asked about the whispers that she and Mendes got back together in 2023 after they were spotted kissing at Coachella in April 2023 (a year after they publicly announced their breakout following two and a half years of dating,) Cabello said:

“It’s like what we were just talking about… I’m kind of impulsive in that way, I would say, like I feel like if I feel it, I say it and I’m not really good at not doing that because then the worst place for it to live is in my mind and then I’m like Ryan Gosling in The Notebook building a house for this person, so I would rather say it and you know, see what happens and then wake up the next day and find out that it’s been heavily documented.” “I opted for that route, but it was a great route.” Joking that it was a “fun moment”, Camila added, “I will always care about him and love him and he’s such a good person.”

Addressing the end of their latest reconnection, the Latina confirmed that she and Shawn ended their romance for the second time because it didn’t “feel right”, sharing:

“It wasn’t even like a decision, you just kind of are like, ‘Yeah, this doesn’t feel right,’ and I think luckily I was in a place in my life where it took me less time to realise that, it took us both less time to be like, ‘This doesn’t feel right and we don’t need to try so hard to make it work. It’s all good, this is not feeling good, let’s be friends, I love you. Let’s move on.”

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Author: Al Denté

Photo: MTV International