Tom Herck Erik Jamar

Burning Man 2021 Is Officially Cancelled

With the Coronavirus still running rampant ’round the globe, pulling off Burning Man 2021 would’ve been no easy feat.

Following months of anticipation, the CEO of Burning Man Project, Marian Goodell, has finally broken her silence. In her April 10th video addressing the decision, she stated that everyone in attendance this year would’ve been required to show a vaccination card, at the minimum with testing, quarantine, isolation protocols still to be determined. Subsequently, in an unfortunate turn of decisions, The Burning Man Project has decided to cancel this year’s event.

Goodell assured the burners (an attendee at Burning Man) of Black Rock City that the decision was not made lightly and that the company would stay afloat in preparation for the future. She stated that “Over 21,000 participants donated somewhere between $10 and $5,000,000 to help keep the lights on and the fire burning.” While the funds for Black Rock City are in abundance, there was a second set of donations made exclusively towards the art/artists. Goodell went on to state that even though the Burning Man event itself is not happening there are some 59 projects that will be coming to Black Rock City this year. In her announcement, she also stated that “it’s too important to do half-a–ed, so we’re doubling down on next year.”

In lieu of the unfortunate news, The Burning Man Project has announced a new, freshly rolled out venture for those burners with multiple years of experience under their belts. Deemed “Invitation to the Future”, the new initiative will offer prior attendees a chance to buy a ticket in advance to two future Black Rock City events.

The demand for Burning Man tickets has been known to far exceed the supply with tickets selling out within a few seconds to an hour during any given year.

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Photo : Tom Herck Erik Jamar