Bebe Rexha
Drew de F Fawkes

Bebe Rexha Responds To Reports That She Died: ‘I’m A Ghost’

Despite social media reports that Bebe Rexha has died of an overdose, she is very much alive and well enough to clap back at those spreading the rumors.

“Jeez I stay off line for three days and not only am I dead but I died of a drug overdose?!?!” Rexha wrote via Twitter on Tuesday night (February 2nd) before posting a quick Google search of herself revealing “bebe rexha dead”. The 31-year-old, Warner Bros Records artist called out the “messed up” tweet that citied a fake CNN report of her death that allegedly included an official statement from her family.

Making light of the situation, Rexha turned the fake news into humor by claiming she was a ghost and recorded a short song using the voice tweet feature. Rexha has been active on Instagram (below) since the hoax made the rounds on Twitter, posting videos of herself playing a Britney Spears record at home and showing off her new manicure.

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Photo: Drew de F Fawkes