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Axl Rose’s Taylor Hawkins Dedication + Putin Blast

Capping off the Guns N’ Roses‘ European tour with a note on Twitter thanking fans for their support, front man Axl Rose dedicated the band’s trek to the late Taylor Hawkins and slammed “murderous little man” Vladimir Putin — all in just a few paragraphs.

The legendary rocker took the time this weekend to “thank everyone in London for being understanding of r challenges and apologize again to r fans in Scotland for having to postpone r performance there.”

Due to illness, the band, “following dr’s orders,” had canceled their Scotland show earlier this month and Rose also thanked Carrie Underwood for joining them at their London gigs, joking, “At least someone could sing.”

On Saturday (7.16) in honor of the Foo Fighters drummer, who died in March, Rose wrote in his note: “It’s just a simple gesture n’ it’s awkward dealing with the gravity of something like this but in an effort to pay r respects we’d like to dedicate this tour to our friend Taylor Hawkins.” “Taylor was a really great guy and it was always great to see him! He was a great n’ always welcome part of touring these last few years! This is such a horrible thing and r hearts go out to his family, friends, band mates and everyone who love him.” “I’d also like to thank everyone for showing such love and support during the tour for the people of Ukraine and their noble and horrifying fight for freedom against an increasingly totalitarian regime ran by a callous, lying, murderous, little man with outdated ambitions and no regard for human life.”

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Author: Saul Goode

Photo: Edvill