’60 Minutes’ Peeks Into Prince’s Vault

Effecting millions of lives with his music while alive, there remains a significant amount of unreleased Prince material locked away in his secret vault and 60 Minutes recently delved into the expansive, never before heard collection.

On Sunday night’s episode, the oldest and most watched newsmagazine’s correspondent Jon Wortheim dug into the Minneapolis native’s vault segment tied to the upcoming release of Welcome 2 America — the first release of a standalone Prince album that is comprised of new and original material. In its current state, the televised episode revealed that the legendary artists’s collection is more of a minefield than a treasure chest. The challenge, Wortheim summarized, is “monetizing the catalogue while still trying to do right by Prince.”

The precarious job or organizing a massive collection of otherwise unkempt tapes and videos has been left to former Spotify executive and Lady Gaga’s previous manager Troy Carter who said, “I want to make sure that Prince isn’t somewhere in heaven giving me the side eye.” “Whenever we can find things that the fans haven’t heard, it’s like a victory.” With its 10 previously unreleased tracks, Carter is hoping Welcome 2 America is a success.

Watch the 60 Minutes clip and get ready for the upcoming Prince album to arrive in July.

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Photo: penner