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1990’s Rozalla Talks About Fear + The Music Biz

Now 60-years old, Rozalla went through a “scary time” after being dropped from her record label in the 1990s.

After having enjoyed massive success with her hit ‘Everybody’s Free (To Feel Good),’ when acts like the Spice Girls rose to fame and dominated the charts, the singer/songwriter was forced to revisit her beautician career because it appeared as as if she might have to get an ordinary job. 

In a recent interview with BANG Showbiz, the singer (born ?,) said:

“In the mid-90s when the boy bands and the girl bands started having their moment – which was great for them – I was dropped from my label at Sony.” “So I was doing anywhere between five to seven club dates per week – keeping in mind that’s how I earn my living – to doing one club date in a period of two months.” “And that started happening and it was a frightening prospect that I went through and I thought ‘So this is how my career ends…’ And it was scary.”

“And then of course, fast forward, thing started shaping up. And then you started having the Love the 90s, Back to the 90s, etc. All of that started creating work for artists like myself.”

“Honestly, I will never think ‘I never want to sing ‘Everybody’s Free’ because I went through a period where I was lucky if even one club date in a period of two months or three months came.” “It was scary. So here I am, if you want me to sing it every day, I’m going to sing it.” “It was scary. And during that time, I thought ‘Okay, I’ve had my moment in the sunshine, and that was great’.  “But I needed to do something to earn a living. So I took up a beauty therapy course. So I’m a qualified beauty therapist, and then before I could go in and start working and putting that to use the music thing started coming around again, fortunately, yeah, here we are 33 years later.”

With the onslaught of music festivals catering to nostalgia, Rozalla released her latest LP ‘Turn on the Light’ earlier this year and is also grateful for the other famous faces who’ve recorded her song and advertising campaigns that’ve chosen to use it because it has all kept her working in the industry.

When asked what she thinks of the cover versions of her song, Rozalla said: “That is also part and parcel of why ‘Everybody’s Free’ is still out there because people like Kylie Minogue and ‘The X Factor’ contestants have done it. You’ve got adverts. The adverts for Cravendale Farms, it’s that it’s things like that, that have helped. I feel so honoured. I really do.”

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Author: Al Denté

Photo: The original uploader was Andrikkos at Greek Wikipedia – Public Domain