Zayn Malik Speaks Out About Yolanda Hadid Conflict

After years of speculation Zayn Malik finally spoke out about his supposed 2021 dispute with his former-girlfriend’s mother Yolanda Hadid.

The UK singer opened up about the split from supermodel and mother of his two-year-old daughter Khai, Gigi Hadid in September 2021 after he allegedly shoved Hadid’s mother into a piece of furniture while screaming profanities. 

The former One Direction member denied ever striking the elder Hadid and called the allegations “false” but ultimately “agreed to not contest (the) claims” in effort to protect the “safe and private place” Khai has grown up in. 

Addressing his public response to the alleged incident, on Wednesday (7.12,) the now 30-year-old superstar singer took to the Call Her Daddy podcast stating:

“I knew what the situation was, I knew what happened and the people involved knew what happened too. That’s all I really cared about. If anybody of a sane mind would look at the situation I believe you could respect that I just didn’t want to bring attention to anything.” “I wasn’t trying to get into a negative back and forth with her or (create) a narrative online where my daughter was going to look back and read that and be able to read into it… There was no point.”

Instead of creating increased negativity online, Malik added that he forever intended to keep the issue within the family . 

“I believe I dealt with it in the best way, in an amicable, respectful way and that’s all that needs to be said.” If something happens in the family, I’d rather keep that between the family – we don’t need a whole audience of people and opinions. It’s hard enough to manage between two.”

Confirming that he and Gigi share joint custody of Khai and that he is not mandated to have supervised visits, Zayn added “I’m super full on – I’m hands on with my child every chance I can be. If I could have 60% (custody) I’d have it.” “Co-parenting is good. We have a really good relationship for Khai.” 

At the time, the the British singer/songwriter pleaded ‘no contest’ to four counts of harassment and was given 360 days of probation, was ordered to complete an anger management course, a domestic violence program, and was to have no contact with Yolanda.

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Author: Saul Goode