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XG Shares Sneak Peek Of ‘Up Next’ Film: Look + Listen

Famous for their futuristic concepts, eye-catching visuals, and music, XG’s Head in the Clouds festival sets in both New York and Los Angeles drew massive audiences.

Their maiden musical voyage in New York marked the first time band members Jurin, Chisa, Hinata, Harvey, Juria, Maya, and Cocona performed in the United States, with their new single “New Dance” and video preempting the group’s debut mini LP due late-September.

Short for Xtraordinary Girls, XG made their debut last year and like prior artists Billie Eilish, Bad Bunny, and Ice Spice, Apple Music has identified the Asian group as the Up Next artist for August.

Oft times labeled a global group, data from Apple Music has confirmed that XG’s playlist streams have grown 359% in the past six months. While they run through the standard K-Pop rounds of promotion, the group was actually assembled in Japan, while singing in English.

Becoming part of this program is “really unbelievable since so many amazing artists have been part of it before. We’re incredibly proud. From now on, we’ll continue to deliver music and entertainment that is true to XG’s style, breaking free from conventions and boundaries,” said Jurin in a statement.

In a clip from the Up Next film, Jurin explains how their music is a recipe of of R&B and hip hop with a dash of originality and essence that is unique to XG who easily stand out given their bold color outfits, intricate nail art, and lively hairstyles that match their music. Cocona adds that her goal is to showcase their individual personalities while also displaying togetherness within their work. 

Also known as Alphaz, XG fans will learn more about the girls with behind-the-scenes footage from their home base Tokyo and their trainee days of dance, vocals, and language lessons.

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Author: Saul Goode

Photo: mang2goon