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Travolta Reprises Saturday Night Fever In Bank Ad: Look + Listen

In the just-released holiday advertisement for Capital One bank, John Travolta reimagines his infamous sidewalk strut and disco moves from Saturday Night Fever.

Like the legendary 1977 film, the spot features his Bee-Gees-powered walk along with Donna Pescow, his co-star love interest in the movie, making a cameo appearance as a store cashier.

Not the first time Travolta and Capital One have aligned forces for the winter holiday season, in 2020 John portrayed Kringle lampooning his Pulp Fiction character. The superstar thespian also spoofed his Grease persona in a musical Super Bowl commercial this year.

In a statement about the current advert, GSD&M SVP, group CD Ryan Carroll said:

“There is definitely a common theme and approach with most holiday commercials and it’s easy for all of those to blend together,” “While try to pull at the heartstrings, we wanted to create a different vibe. Something fun, playful and memorable. A spot that would reward you for watching it over and over to pick up on some of the Easter egg references. And it doesn’t hurt to have the coolest Santa on the planet recreating one of the most iconic movie openings ever.”

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Author: Al Denté

Photo: lauraleedooley