Photo: S. Bollmann

Tove Lo Gets Phallic In ‘2Die4’ Video: Look + Listen

On Wednesday (7.25,) Tove Lo released the video for “2 Die 4,” a song that samples Crazy Frog’s “Popcorn.”

A simple moving image that follows the Swedish singer wearing nothing but a metallic corset and a massive dildo, she walks through a dirt-filled, rocky area surrounded by mountains.

“Look alive and come with me, you’re to die for everyday/When I think about you, thе world go less blue, let’s do it ovеr again,” she sings in the chorus. “Look alive and come with me, you’re to die for everyday/Drag you out at midnight to dance in headlights and making out in the rain.”

In a statement about the video, the superstar artist (born Ebba Tove Elsa Nilsson) said “I wanted to make something nostalgic, sexy, and iconic.” “The character for this scene is wonder woman with big dick energy and I just love it.” (The BDE in the video is a contrast from the title of a fan-favorite track, “Disco Tits.”)

In June, Tove announced her upcoming album Dirt Femme, out Oct. 14, and in an interview with Roling Stone she spoke about the death themes present in her previous single, “No One Dies From Love,” and also in her newest, “2 Die 4.”

“The last couple of years we just felt the presence of death in a really sad way, and that impacted me maybe a lot more than I thought it did,” she said. “There’s a lot of that, like, ‘What if all this just goes away? What if I lose this?’ on the album.”

Dirt Femme follows the release of her 2020 LP Sunshine Kitty, which featured collabs with Doja Cat and Kylie Minogue.

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Author: Al Denté

Photo: S. Bollmann