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Tony Bennett’s Daughters Sue Brother

Based on his handling of the family trust, Tony Bennett‘s daughters are suing one of their brothers.

On Wednesday (6.12) in the New York Supreme Court, Johanna and Antonia Bennett filed a lawsuit against D’Andrea ‘Danny’ Bennett, who was appointed the sole trustee of the trust when the legendary crooner died in July of 2023.

According to the lawsuit, the sisters claim their brother mishandled the trust and failed to account for transactions and assets. While they’ve allegedly been told their father’s estate is only worth $7,000,000, the girls estimate that their father made $100,000,000+ through live performances alone.

As all four children are listed as beneficiaries of the trust, Bennett’s daughters also named their other brother, Daegal ‘Dae’ Bennett and the singer’s widow Susan Crow in the suit.

Johanna and Antonia claim that Danny and his legal team have “persistently failed and refused to provide information sufficient for (them) to fully identify and understand the property and assets in which they have rights and interests as beneficiaries”. They allege that despite making “numerous requests for basic information” regarding the family trust and the estate, Danny’s team has only provided them with “piecemeal information”.

According to USA Today, the lawsuit reads “The information provided raises more questions than answers and fails to provide anything close to an accounting of Tony’s assets and financial affairs.”

The iconic singer’s daughters are seeking full accounting of the financial activity of the family trust and want the court to order Danny to administer the trust properly and hand over relevant documents.

Born Anthony Benedetto, Tony Bennett passed away last July at the age of 96 following a seven-year battle with Alzheimer’s disease.

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Author: Al Denté

Photo: Raph_PH