Photo: Drew de F Fawkes

Timberlake Thanks Fans After Tough Week

While conversing with his audience at one of his concerts, Justin Timberlake addressed his Tuesday (6.18) arrest for drinking while intoxicated in Sag Harbour, New York.

Having been issued two citations; one for running a red light and a second for failing to stay in lane while driving, the superstar singer/songwriter confronted the scandal during his Chicago gig on Friday (6.21) and also thanked his fans for standing by him through this ordeal.

In the footage that’s since gone viral, Timberlake can be heard saying, “It really washes over me. We have such a special thing, I mean, we’ve grown up together. There’s so many of you who have come up to me in the past and said, ‘I’ve grown up with you,’ and I want you guys to know that I reciprocate that. I’ve grown up with you. We’ve been together through ups and downs and lefts and rights.” “It’s been a tough week, and you’re here and I’m here, and nothing can change this moment right now.” “I know sometimes I’m hard to love, but you keep on loving me and I love you right back.”

Last week, Justin’s Attorney Edward Burke told the PA news agency “I look forward to vigorously defending Mr Timberlake on these allegations. I will have a lot to say at the appropriate time but am currently awaiting full discovery from the District Attorney’s office.”

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Author: Saul Goode

Photo: Drew de F Fawkes