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Timbaland Suggests Timberlake Muzzle Spears

Superstar producer Timbaland has recently been taken to task concerning a misogynistic comment he made about Britney Spears.

While speaking at the Kennedy Center for Performing Arts last week, a reporter mentioned to the Grammy award-winning musician (born Timothy Zachery Mosley) that Justin Timberlake‘s song ‘Cry Me a River’ was back in the headlines following the recent release of Britney’s The Woman in Me memoire.

Now 51, Timbaland replied “She going crazy, right?” “I wanted to call and say, ‘JT, you gotta put a muzzle on that girl.'”

Following his off color comments, Spears’ fans have made their displeasure known with one advocate taking to X/Twitter with “Karma will get you @Timbaland,” alongside a photo of Britney holding up her middle finger, while another quipped, “How do I put a muzzle on Timbaland?”

In her memoire, Britney detailed her 1999 to 2002 relationship with Justin, writing that Timberlake cheated on her multiple times and that she got pregnant while they were dating. 

At the time, Justin allegedly said that the two weren’t ready to be parents and, as a result, Britney underwent an abortion and she also claimed that his 2002 music video for ‘Cry Me a River’ depicted her as a “harlot”.

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Author: Al Denté

Photo: Collision Conf