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Photos: Nicolas Padovani

The Weeknd Drops ‘One Of The Girls’: Look + Listen

The Weeknd, Jennie (from BLACKPINK) and Lily-Rose Depp just shared the song ‘One Of The Girls.’

From from ‘The Idol,’ the 27-year-old K-Pop star and the 33-year-old Canadian-born megastar play backup dancer Dyanne and cult leader Tedros in the current streaming HBO drama series co-created by The Weeknd.

Starring as Jocelyn, a troubled pop star, Lily-Rose leads the cast, and on Wednesday (6.21) Jennie previously shared a snippet of the unreleased track during a DJ set at the launch of Jennie’s capsule collection for Calvin Klein in South Korea and appeared on TikTok.

From the soundtrack, the Weeknd previously released ‘Double Fantasy’ which features rapper Future, and ‘Popular’ with Madonna and Playboi Carti, ‘World Class Sinner/I’m A Freak’ and ‘The Lure’ with Lily-Rose.

Portraying an international pop star whose career is on shaky ground when she suffers a nervous breakdown, the 24-year-old star recently defended the sex scenes, insisting they are “so important” to the story. Lily-Rose had no hesitation about shooting the controversial intimate moments because she was made to feel very comfortable on set and she knew they were vital to the plot.

About her sex scenes, Johnny Depp’s daughter told Britain’s HELLO! magazine:

“Honestly, no, because those scenes are so important to the character and the story.” “I was really blessed to be surrounded by good people all the time.” “I really did feel as though they were listening to me and that they valued my opinions.”

Explaining that her close relationship with The Weeknd helped put her at ease, she said “We created this really strong bond because we were both stepping into new territory.” “I’m not a singer and he wasn’t an actor before this.” “I would get nervous about the singing and he would be there for me. He gave me the confidence to do things I wasn’t sure I could do.”

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Author: Al Denté

Photo: Nicolas Padovani