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Smokey Robinson Addresses TikTokers

To the social media fans who recently discovered his latest album “Gasms,” Smokey Robinson says “Get your mind off of sex.”

TikTok user who goes by the moniker “Hollywoodnut” recently posted a video in which he shares his surprise when learning about the soul icon’s 2022 album along with its eye-catching album title. “This is insane,” he noted in the video that’s been viewed upward of 1.8 million times. “Like in what context would I listen to this song?”

In response to young man’s querie, Robinson took to his own TikTok account to school those making fun of his full length by clarifying what exactly ‘Gasms’ means.

“I figured it’s time for me to comment on all the comments I’ve been getting about calling my album Gasms. ‘Gasms’ is any good feeling you might have.” “‘Gasms’ is not only a sexual word; it’s a word that means whatever makes you happy. Whatever makes you happy is a ‘gasm’ for you, so I wanna clear that up.” “People are saying at my age, I shouldn’t be talking about ‘gasms.’ I still have ‘gasms,’ and hope always do. So I wanna clear that up with you guys who are making negative comments.” The now 83-year old musician added “if you listen to it, you’ll know that it is not something dirty or whatever you’re trying to make it… The response to it has been wonderful, so get on board.”

When Rolling Stone spoke to Smokey last year about his Gasms album title, the Motown legend replied “Well, I wrote a song called ‘Gasms,’ and that’s the title of the album, Gasms,” he said at the time. “All the songs on the album have a connotation to them. Most people, when you say ‘gasms,’ they think about orgasms. But ‘gasms’ is any good feeling that you get. It’s probably a controversial title, but I wanted it to be that way.”

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Author: Al Denté

Photo: Becky